British Gymnastics Membership

British Gymnastics Membership

Huntingdon Gymnastics Club is Governed by British Gymnastics, therefore all members are required to sign up to British Gymnastics and purchase Membership when joining the club. This is in addition to your Annual Membership Fee to Huntingdon Gymnastics Club. 

The British Gymnastics Membership needs to be purchased directly online via their website (link below)

If you have difficulty with setting up your membership, please contact British Gymnastics Directly. We do not have the resources to support you here in the office (link below)

Membership Categories for 2022/23 are as follows: 

Preschool Gymnast £14 (all Preschoolers in sessions without a parent should have BG membership)

General Gymnast £20 (for all Participation/Recreational Gymnasts)

Competitive Gymnast £44 (For all Performance Squad gymnasts)

British Gymnastics Membership is an Annual Fee payable upon joining the club and renewable every October. Membership is not Pro-Rata.

Failure to have current up to date British Gymnastics Membership may result in your gymnast not permitted entry into their lessons as this also covers insurance for your gymnast.