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Gymnastics Training Beams Available to Order

We have teamed up with Sholto, our Pit Refurbishment Expert, to offer High Quality Gymnastics Training Beams for sale!

Not only will you be receiving an exceptionally high quality product, you will be helping raise funds for new equipment in the gym!

These are lightweight, sturdy and come in the following colours:

Plum, Cherry, Yellow, Orange, Lime, Fuchsia, Pale Blue, Ice Blue, Black, White, Pink, Silver, Aqua or Lilac

Email orders to the office: [email protected]


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News and Upcoming Events

New Floor for Sharpington Hall

What a busy day on the 15th March!  

The existing floor was taken up and the area cleaned thoroughly before taking delivery of a brand new floor from Gymnova.  Thanks to all the staff who helped in the removal and moving of the old floor, and for all the cleaning involved!  The new floor was fitted just in time for the improver classes at 4pm.

Special thanks to Mick George Community Grants who provided a substantial amount of money - £25,000, and to fundraising efforts by the club this floor has nearly been paid for!