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16th July 2020

Dear Members, you should by now have had some communication from us regarding the summer programme and the training that will be happening over August.  Please bear with us, we are working very hard to ensure that all government guidelines are followed, and do not yet know what September will bring.  Thank you all for your patience, we hope to see you back soon!

Please see the Events section for booking zoom preparation sessions and for activities and training sessions over the summer.

Adam and Sue

Huntingdon Gymnastics Club – Parent Briefing

Updated Thursday 30th July 2020

As a club we are delighted to be in a position to initiate a phased return to gymnastics at HGC.  It is essential for us to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID19.  To allow us to return to training, we have had to make a number of changes to how we operate as an organisation to maintain appropriate cleaning protocols.

  1. Personal Responsibility to minimise transmission of COVID19 – All staff members, gymnasts and parents are responsible for decreasing the transmission of COIVD19. This commitment requires an open and honest approach to recognising and reporting symptoms of COVID and other illnesses.  Therefore, it is essential that if you recognise any of the COVID symptoms or you or your child feel unwell then this needs to be reported and a period of isolation and testing before returning to training.
  2. Social distancing during training - Social distancing to be maintained throughout ALL training sessions. Coaches are developing sessions that do not require physical spotting.  The gym is to be only accessed by the authorised coach and gymnast. 
  3. Capacity for gymnasiums – Under the current government guidelines maximum capacity for all individuals in both gyms are:Sharpington Hall – 79 Individuals – August re-opening plan maximum 22 gymnasts and coachesii) 2012 Gym – 43 Individuals – August re-opening plan maximum 22 gymnasts and coaches
  4. Pre-Training Health Screening – All staff/athletes to complete daily temperature monitoring and the COVID-19 symptom reporting on a daily basis.
  5. Management of unwell individuals – If someone begins to feel unwell whilst they are at the gym they are to report these symptoms and they will be isolated away from others in attendance, travel home will be arranged and to contact the NHS 111. If a member of your household is unwell with COVID19 then you need to follow the latest UK Government guidance self-isolate for the prescribed time.  
  6. Hand Hygiene – Good hand hygiene is essential to minimising the spread of COVID19, gymnasts and coaches will wash their hands frequently through their sessions. 
  7. Cleaning of gymnastics apparatus – It is the responsibility of the coach and gymnast to wipe down any apparatus they have used at the start and end of each rotation.
  8. Use of Cleaning materials – All coaches are to be briefed in the safe use of cleaning products on their return to coaching. Coaches are to ensure that all apparatus are cleaned at the start and end of their use.  Gymnasts who are of secondary school age should be responsible for wiping down the equipment they have used during their training sessions.  Coaches are to instruct their gymnasts on the safe use of cleaning substances.  All materials used for cleaning are to be disposed of in the bins provided, these bins are to be emptied every evening at the end of the training day.
  9. Return to training after significant break in training - A patient and developmental approach to training is essential throughout the return to training programme for all gymnasts regardless of previous level and ability. Gymnasts base level fitness and lockdown training history to be identified and used as a basis for training programmes to be developed.  Gymnasts are to follow a gradual and staged training programme to allow their bodies to adapt to the demands of the sport over a number of weeks, with an initial focus on physical preparation, basic skills, psychological preparation and spatial awareness.  The training programme is to builds over a period of 8 to 12 week to regain high level skills. 
  10. Use of PPE – The latest advice is that gymnasts do not wear facemasks or gloves whilst training. Coaches will be issued with face visors and disposable gloves are available for situations such as first-aid where close proximity between individuals cannot be avoided.
  11. Clothing – Gymnasts and coaches must attend in freshly laundered clothes. Gymnasts are to attend ready for training, if it’s a cold day a warm clothes are to be worn and if wet a coat is advised.
  12. Refreshments – Gymnasts and coaches are to bring full water bottles to the gym.
  13. Restricted areas and one way system – Gymnasts are to use only the designated toilets and follow the one way system, areas such as the changing rooms and balcony remain closed.
  14. Sharing hand apparatus – Sharing of handguards and loops is not allowed, weights are to be sanitised after use, performance squad gymnasts are to supply their own chalk, in a labelled, sealed container.
  15. Arrival at the club – On arrival please line up on the front green, coaches will be on hand to inform you of your designated groups, temperature and COVID checks will be completed. Once the full group has arrived and checks complete the groups coach will escort the gymnasts inside the gym for their session.  As they enter the gym they will sanitise their hands as they enter the building.  They will place their shoes and water bottle in their designated space, sanitise their hands and enter the gym.
  16. Departure from the club – At the end of the session gymnasts will depart from the 2012 foyer fire exit at the front of the gym. Parents are to wait on the red spots.
  17. The balcony – Unfortunately at this time we are unable to open the balcony, we hope to be able to reopen the balcony at the earliest opportunity.

The protocols have been produced to ensure we are able to provide and maintain the safest possible coaching environment for our coaches and gymnasts.  If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you for your support in the reopening of HGC.


Adam Scott

Club Manager, Huntingdon Gymnastics Club

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