Preschool Classes

Please note: Wrigglers classes are on hold - please see Parent and Me sessions

Huntingdon Gymnastics Club has a long history in delivering fun and entertaining preschool classes during daytime. 

Each week has a theme: going to the zoo, space, numbers, jungle etc

Parents of the wrigglers are expected to join their child in the gym.  Bouncers parents will accompnay until the christmas after the September start and Springers will attend on their own (you can observe from the balcony).  These classes are for children 1 to 3 years away from school.  

Wrigglers - 3 years from school (must be steady on their feet)

Bouncers - 2 years away from school 

Springers - 1 year away from school

We have a healthy waiting list for all classes, but don't let that put you off!  We will fill spaces in classes as soon as they become available and will contact you as soon as we can to get your little one started.


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