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Huntingdon Gymnastics Club has a proud tradition of offering Gymnastics For All – take a look at what is available at our site:


The Club runs recreational classes every night for hundreds of boys and girls who enjoy and clearly benefit from the variety of apparatus and the skills needed to master them. The children range from 5 years to 15 years old. All children are invited to take part in an annual in-house competition with the winners receiving medals and everyone getting a certificate for taking part. When the recreational classes are on, the gym is the most high energy, exciting, and vibrant place to visit!

"I love going to the gym because it makes me stronger, teaches me how to do new things and because it’s fun!" George - aged 8 years

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Huntingdon Gymnastics Club is considered one of the top clubs in the UK and over the past few years our results have been astounding. Our gymnasts put in 28hrs plus per week training - more hours than they are educated at school!

Our junior development squads are for those up and coming young gymnasts who have demonstrated the skills and attitude required to train for greater things - we have in excess of ten of these boys and girls aged between 7 and 11yrs old, training at least three times a week gradually preparing them for the more rigorous training regime to come.

"As an elite gymnast, I represented Scotland, Huntingdon and the region in The Melbourne Commonwealth Games. The coaches are fantastic... the new gym will hopefully provide new coaches for the younger ones, so that the senior coaches can dedicate more time to us" - Emma -16 years old.

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