Medal Bonanza!

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Roses International Invitation Event,  Sunday July 21st 2013

Eleven Gymnasts Bring Home Twenty Six Medals!

Huntingdon girls had a fantastic competition with every one bringing home at least one medal.  The total was ten gold, ten silver, and six bronze. The squad in alphabetical order was, Rhiannon Anderson, Nyree Barnes, Tegan Barnes, Charlotte Elson, Olivia Manton, Hannah Norris, Hannah Phillips, Ellie Rogers, Jade Strachan, Ailsa Wilson and Saffron Wingad.  A special mention is made to Olivia Manton who won the Seaby Challenge Cup 2013. A thank you is extended to all coaches who have trained the girls but particularly, Tracy Manton,  Neil Sparrow, Mat Trenter, Clare Barnes and Pat Morgan.

Photograph: Clare Barnes