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Harry is Driscoll is sleeping in a tent until the gym has raised the money is needs for the new extension. He is been out there for more than one hundred days, in the wind rain and snow. Here is his latest update:

harry tent

I started sleeping out in my tent in the garden on 24th August 2012. I have been out there every single night including all of Christmas. I am raising money for the gym's new building project.

In my tent I have a little camp bed a very good sleeping bag and a blanket, I also have a torch, whistle, pack of cards and a tin of biscuits- I get to have one every night for a treat, and quite offer our pet rabbit joins me for the night.

After about 3 months it just felt normal to go out to my tent to bed (but sometimes I do think it’s a bit weird !!)  While I am in my tent at night I am nice and warm as I do wear lots of layers, the worst part is having to get out in the morning while it is freezing cold.

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