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  1. Turning the dream into a reality....with your help!

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    Welcome to our new website! As well as all the latest news we aim to feature blogs from gymnasts, coaches, parents and anyone else with an interest in the success of our club. To kick things off, here is our Head Coach, Paul Hall MBE… 

    paul hall

    When I first came to Huntingdon Gymnastics Club seventeen years ago I had high hopes for what we could achieve. Did I envisage that we would secure multiple Olympic medals, and enjoy great success at a home Olympics? Perhaps not, but despite these achievements at the highest level of the sport, the impact of our work goes well beyond the podium.

    As a lad I had a huge passion for gymnastics. At every opportunity I would run, jump and climb. I loved the physicality of the exercises and the routines, and the challenge of improving myself. It gave me, and still does, many hours of enjoyment. I have also made many friends along the way through a shared passion for the sport.

    Over the years in Huntingdon I have seen thousands of children and people of all ages with that same look in their eyes – the sheer joy of gymnastics and the friendships they have made at the Club. This is what it is all about – giving people the chance to have fun, to extend their social networks and to keep fit and healthy. Whether people have stayed with us for six months or six years, I’m sure they have all taken away something positive that has benefitted them in their lives outside the Gym.

    For many years we have dreamed of extending and improving the gym’s facilities, and we have come close to securing the funding on several occasions. But this time it really feels within reach, and with the success of the London 2012 Olympics I believe we have the momentum to make this vision a reality. In doing so we will create a lasting legacy, not only for the most talented gymnasts but for the whole community, giving everyone the chance to achieve their potential in a high-quality environment, from the baby and toddler classes to the adult, freestyle and disabled groups right through to the elite athletes.

    We need your help for the final push, and as 2013 gets under way we’ve got a list of top ten things you can do to help us reach our £100,000 fundraising target this year. Please take a look through and do what you can to help us build on a great start. We’d love to hear from you!

    Top ten ways you can help us