Contact Emails

Contact Emails:

[email protected]

Welfare: [email protected]


Elite Gymnastics: 

Please note if you require a progress update on your child, please contact your coach by email.  We will be happy to send this to you, at any time.

Elite Boy's Gymnastics

Ben Howells - Head of men's Artisitc Gymnastics  [email protected]

James Barley - Deputy Men's Artisitc Gymnastics  [email protected]

Steve Davison - A Squad and Elite Men's  [email protected]


Elite Girl's Gymnastics 

Adam Folwell - Head of Elite Women's Artistic  [email protected]

Adam Scott - Senior Coach [email protected]

Rosie McDonnell - Junior Girls Elite  [email protected]

Lisa Haylock - Junior A Squad Girls  [email protected]

Mat Cooper  - A Squad Girls  [email protected]

Monica Deserlarmos - Choreographer  [email protected]

Roxanne Jennison - Elite and Girl's Improver Coach  [email protected]


Recreational Gymnastics, Improvers and Preschool:

Chris Sellors - Deputy Recreational and Improver Boys  [email protected]

Nathan Comber - Head of Recreational and Improver Boys  [email protected]

Aaron Strachan - General Recreational Coach  [email protected]

Annie Muston - Head of Recreational and Improver Girls  [email protected]

Jemma Ecuyer - Deputy Recreational and Improver Girls  [email protected]

Elle Jeffries - Apprentice Coach - [email protected]



Aaron Strachan  


Community and School Coach 

Phil Tonge [email protected]



Beccy Chapman - Head of Preschool Gymnastics [email protected]


Office Staff:

Sally Bellamy, Monday to Wednesday Evening Reception -  [email protected]

Rachel Ward - Administrator - [email protected]

Lydia Abbott - Thurs -Fri Evening Sat-Sun morning Reception [email protected]

Tom Pledger - Volunteer Administrator [email protected]


Management Team

Adam Scott  - Club Manager  [email protected]

Sue Besant - Office & Site Manager  [email protected]