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Contact Emails:



Elite Gymnastics: 

Please note if you require a progress update on your child, please contact your coach by email.  We will be happy to send this to you, at any time.

Elite Boy's Gymnastics

Ben Howells

James Barley

Steve Davison


Elite Girl's Gymnastics 

Rosie McDonnell

Lisa Haylock

Mat Cooper

Monica Deserlarmos


Recreational Gymnastics, Improvers and Preschool:

Chris Sellors

Shona McConnell

Nathan Comber

Aaron Strachan



Leanne Creek


Community and School Coach 

Phil Tonge



Beccy Chapman


Office Staff:

Hayley Noble

Sally Bellamy

Jo Dodds

Kate Edwards

Matt Kent 

Tom Pledger


Management Team

Adam Scott

Paul Hall MBE

Sue Besant