Cinematic Gymnastic

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Presenting "Cinematic Gymnastic"

Huntingdon Gymnastics Club is proud to present a day of displays, showcasing the skills and talent of our gymnasts.

Come and have a movie experience like no other!

We look forward to seeing you on the red carpet!

Tickets are £15 and £13 for either seats in the Sharpington hall or on the Balcony.  Please note there are no concessions, and children are NOT allowed on laps. There are limits to the numbers of spectators, so book early.

Before booking your tickets you must book your child onto the relevant display for their class.  There are limited numbers for the performances so be quick! There is a booking button on the top of this page for tickets, and at the foot of the page.

Please make sure that you book spectator tickets for the performance for which your child is registered.


Booking Performers onto the Display:

Performers will need to be booked onto the display relevant to the class they attend:  e.g. If your gymnast attends recreational class on a Monday at 4pm that is the booking you need to make.

The banner at the top of the page will take you to the registration forms.

Please note: If your gymnast is in the following groups:

Elite Girls/Elite Boys (junior and senior)

Potential Squad

Junior and Senior A Squad

Regional 2 & 3 Squad

Junior / Senior A Squad Boys

You will need to inform your coach if they are available on the day.

Recreational Gymnasts:

Friday 4pm/5pm and 6pm can register to perform at either 1:30pm or 4pm.







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  • Cinema-for-Ticket-SQ

Display Tickets - Book Here! Limited Availability!